Did You Know Apples Are Like Magnets and I Want to Drive?

One day, I came into the room to find this.

He was enjoying his snack, and thought the wall looked hungry. Once he realized that they would stick to the wall, he couldn’t resist.

He went looking for Daddy. He knows when Daddy is supposed to come home. This day, he grabbed the keys and went to the door. I think he thought he’d take matters into his own hands.

Curious and Mischievous

At around 11 months, Sam really starting exploring. He’s always explored, but I mean REALLY started exploring. He has kept me so incredibly busy.

Getting him up from naps is always a treat. You put him down tired and cranky. You walk back in two hours later to a happy baby. It’s a nice trade off. ;)

Around 11 months, Samuel began this …

“The look.” The kid gives you “the look.” He has since perfected it. I try not to take it personally. I get it a lot. We’ve got heart issues, ya’ll.

He loved to drop “ya-ya” over the side of the crib … just to watch you pick it up.

But overall…this kid is a joy. I’m thankful for my job.

A Normal Day – 11 Months

He loves to get the tissue box. It’s like magic to him. Pull one out, and they just appear again. Then, when you get them all out of the box, you can start shredding the tissues in little pieces. Mommy would just stuff them back in the box and make it “Sam’s Tissue Box.”

Our laundry room is in our garage. Also, in our garage is where … the dog is. So I have to take Sam with me whenever I go outside to switch a load. This is the only way I can manage to get it all back inside the house.
Daddy sent mommy away for a morning. While she was gone? We built a fort.

Dinnertime Fun – 10 months

Yes, my kid is 13 months old. But I’m terrible at keeping up with this blog. I want to try to start loading the pics that we’ve taken for you. :-/ Forgive me.

October 2011 – Yea, I’m Behind

I am so far behind on uploading pictures. On our trip to Dyersburg thisweekend, I took my computer along with me. I decided to spend some of the trip cleaning out the “Nikon Transfer” folder! That’s like letting your email accumulate over 1,000 emails – emails that require your undivided attention for each one. Shew! However, I emptied that bad boy! And I hope to bombard you with pictures over the next week!

These are from our Halloween trip to Gloucester last October!

A Boy and His Dog

The day finally came. Maddox decided on this very day that he does, in fact, like Samuel. In turn, Samuel decided to like him back. From this day on, all I hear is “Buh, buh, buh.” That’s “Dog, dog, dog.” If I go to the garage to switch the laundry, Samuel comes crawling, “Buh, buh, buh.” He knows the garage is where Maddox stays.

Mark’s heaven on earth, I think.